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College Football In 2017

That’s a wrap. The college football season officially ended, and the team that 49 states love to hate got another championship. Somehow Alabama came back after being down in the third quarter to beat Georgia in overtime. They already overcame then #1-ranked Clemson to advance to the championship game. With their win over Georgia, the Crimson Tide was able to get another title for Nick Saban.

Thankfully, this year’s college football playoff was broadcasted on ESPN. The network even allowed users to watch the games on their smartphones, something that is blocked for many other major sporting events. All year long, there was at least one game available to stream on the ESPN app, leading all the way up to the title game.

But, a lot happened this year besides just the title game. Even though it’s what most fans are going to remember, it’s worth looking back at the rest of the season and remembering everything it had to offer.

This Year’s College Football Season

FSU and Bama

The first game of the year was between Alabama and FSU. Although FSU has gotten worse the past few years, since stars like Jalen Ramsey, Dalvin Cook, and Jameis Winston went to the NFL, they are still an above-average team. I was happy to see them start the year off against Alabama. This one ended up as an easy win for the Tide, however, as the Seminoles were routed 24-7. Still, it was a great start to the season.

Auburn Over Bama

The drama for ‘Bama continued on throughout the season, up until the Iron Bowl when they finally got a regular season loss. Auburn, a team with real SEC talent, was able to knock off Alabama in the yearly rivalry between the two Alabama schools. It was a win for Auburn fans, which made deciding on the playoff seeds much more interesting.

Ohio State Denied

Berths ended up being awarded to Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, and Oklahoma in the college football playoff this year. That meant Ohio State, another one-loss team, was left out. So was UCF, who finished the season undefeated, but only had one win against a ranked opponent.

Urban Meyer believed that Ohio State deserved to be in the playoffs. But, their bad loss against unranked Iowa was hard for the voters to forget.

The College Football Playoff

This season, there were a lot of great games.

I was impressed by all the players and teams this season.

The playoff unfolded mostly as expected. Oklahoma didn’t put up as good of a fight against Georgia as many were hoping. But on the upside, the Clemson vs. Alabama tiebreaker was another great one.

Another Bama Win

Surprise, surprise. This year ended with another championship for Alabama. There weren’t two teams this year that could beat the Crimson Tide. Plus, many of their stars are coming back, especially on offense. Hopefully next year turns out differently, but we shouldn’t be surprised to see Saban win his seventh title next year. This would put him ahead of Bear Bryant for the most by a coach at Alabama (and anywhere for that matter).