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Teaching Children about Using Technology

Children Using Technology Responsibly

Raising a child is difficult enough, and now it’s even harder with technology. There are so many blogs online about the dangers of children using technology. I read the blogs about co-parenting apps since I find that helpful. However, technology can be an advantage if used the right way. In fact, kids need to know how to use technology to get ahead in school and later on life. The key is to teach your kids to use technology responsibly. 

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A mom checking what her daughter was looking up.

Here are four ways that parents can help their kids understand the right way to use technology. This way it enhances their lives and doesn’t cause problems:

Be a Good Example

When was the last time you zoned out on the couch clicking on your tablet? Or used your cell phone to spy on others text messages. Your kids are watching how you use technology. Make sure that you are being a good example with using technology the right way. Like leaving your phone alone when driving. Demonstrate healthy technology habits so that your kids can learn from your actions.

Don’t Use Technology As A Reward

Using technology should not be a reward for your children. Don’t offer them extra iPad time for doing chores. That sends the message to kids that technology is something they should get as much of as possible. By making it something that you control, you automatically make them want it more. Using technology should be routine, not a reward.


using technology

A child going horseback riding instead of using technology

No Binge Watching

Binging on Netflix teaches kids unhealthy viewing habits. It’s not healthy for anyone to spend nine hours watching TV. Watch one or two episodes and turn off the TV or tablet. Then find something else to do, possibly outside. Encourage your children to do outdoor activities like horseback riding when it’s warm outside. 

The Joy Of Doing Nothing

A lot of parents believe their children should always be doing something. Give your kids some down time. Let them do nothing. Kids need time to lay in the grass and not think about using technology. They develop their imaginations when they have time to just sit and relax. While your thinking about your kids, check out my post questioning if Instagram is safe for kids