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I Started Using A Prepaid Card To Shop Online And You Should Too

The holidays are almost here, and more and more people are shopping online. And that means it’s easier than ever to become a victim of credit card or identity theft. People can steal your information in so many different ways, like through a mobile spy app or Wi-Fi vulnerability. I love shopping online, but I’ve learned a great life hack that makes it safer. And I’m going to share it with you.

Where I’m from, people shop online for just about everything. I lived in a rural area with my parents, and the stores there didn’t carry a lot of stock. In order to get nice clothes, specialty foods, or the hottest toys, you need to shop online. But after my mom’s best friend had her credit card information stolen, I started looking for a safer, better way to shop online. Even if your bank freezes your card and you aren’t responsible for those fraudulent charges, it can take months to fix the situation.

Why You Need A Prepaid Card

So what’s this genius hack for shopping online safely? Start using a prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift card. You can get them at any major retailer, including drug stores and grocery stores. You can preload it with any amount and easily reload it where you purchased it. These cards are safer because they don’t have any lines of credit. So, if somebody steals your card number with a mobile spy program, you don’t have to worry about being overcharged. Sure, reloading the card can be a pain, but that’s a lot less painful than dealing with a stolen credit card.

Give yourself peace of mind when online shopping.

You need to have peace of mind when you’re shopping online.

I usually load my card in increments of $100. This way, if someone steals my card information with a mobile spy or some other method, they won’t get very much. Because it’s a gift card, it doesn’t have my banking or credit information. Using a prepaid gift card is the perfect way to shop online and keep your data safe, compared to using a credit card with a high limit. I now give prepaid cards to all my friends and family members for holidays and birthdays, so they can use them to shop online.

Prepaid gift cards make a fantastic first credit card for teens and young adults. When I turned 16, my parents bought me a prepaid gift card to teach me how to use money responsibly. I was able to reload my card with cash I earned from babysitting, chores, and odd jobs. It let me buy whatever I wanted on online, without needing my parents’ credit cards.

So this year, if you want to do your holiday shopping safely and lower the risk of having your identity and money stolen by a mobile spy, invest in a prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift card. It’s absolutely the best way to shop safely online. It also helps you keep your spending under control, because you can’t spend more than the prepaid amount.