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Is Instagram Safe For Kids?

The world is changing. Most things aren’t as simple as they once were. There are all sorts of distractions, dangers, and dilemmas out there that don’t seem to have any clear resolution coming any time soon. One dilemma for parents is deciding whether it’s acceptable for their kids to be on social media, particularly Instagram. They often use a tool like Kiwi Searches to learn more about who’s on the other side of the screen.

Instagram is the most popular social media app at the moment. Bear in mind that when referring to Instagram, much of what I say could easily apply to other apps like Facebook, the one that started it all.

From a marketing and networking standpoint, social media has completely revolutionized the world. People can connect instantly with others from all over the world. Then they can use Kiwi Searches to learn more about their new online friends. However, as parents know, there are some serious drawbacks to these apps when it comes to their children.

Kids & Social Media

When I was in elementary school, the idea of a kid having a cell phone would’ve seemed ridiculous. These days, kids don’t have cell phones – they have smartphones, which have built-in computers, cameras, and GPS systems. The scary part is that many children are getting smartphones before they even get into middle school.

Sure, some don’t get their first iPhone until they’re a teenager, but that isn’t exactly late in life. Purchasing a smartphone for a child opens them up to a world of potential dangers, unless they protect themselves with Kiwi Searches.

Kids & Instagram

Instagram is an app that even adults have trouble with at times. It’s incredibly distracting, it’s very easy to come across (intentionally or unintentionally) inappropriate content, and it’s been linked to depression. That’s because it can cause people to compare their lives with the seemingly perfect lives of famous bloggers.

Instagram can negatively influence kids.

Instagram isn’t the best influence on children.

For kids, the potential troubles are far worse. Instagram provides early exposure to softcore pornography. It also gives kids a medium for posting their photos for the world to see. If their account isn’t private, then just about anyone can see their pictures! This puts them at risk for being tracked by nearby predators.

The Pressure Of Society

While society has begun to see the potential dangers of Instagram and other similar social media platforms, there is still a huge amount of pressure on parents to allow their kids to have to a smartphone and any app that they want. Even kids pressure their parents, assuring them that it’s safe and popular with their friends.

The best things for parents to do is to use sound judgment. Some kids may be able to handle the dangers of a social media app without a problem. Others, on the other hand, may find their curiosity getting them into trouble. Parents know their kids better than anyone else. So they know what boundaries would be appropriate for their child as they begin to navigate the potential dangers of the modern internet.