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Smart Apps To Help Kids With Homework


smart apps

There is a slew of smart apps for both iPhone and Android platforms that will help kids with homework and help them learn how to solve problems and how to study more effectively. Kids and teens can use their smartphones for more than just surfing the Web or being on social media. If your kids are always on their phones you should download a few of these parent and teacher recommended apps to help your kids with their homework. Including the Alexa Accessories Notification Icon

Photo Math

Photo Math is one of many smart apps that will help your kids solve the math problems you can’t help them with and you can save face at the same time. All your child has to do is snap a photo of the problem that they need to solve and upload it to the app. The app will create a step by step plan showing your child exactly how to solve the problem. And once your child has solved the problem they can double check the answer and make sure it’s right because Photo Math will have the correct answer to show them.

smart apps

Using A Smart App To Do Homework


Learning languages can be tough for older kids but it’s very important for kids to learn additional languages in today’s society. iTranslate can help kids with language problems and can help them translate passages, learn grammar, and practice vocabulary words for many different languages all on their smartphone. This works for adults too if they are trying to learn a language which can be difficult. Don’t allow your new skills to you hack Facebook messages


Ok, this app isn’t really for your kids. It’s for you. It’s a Web-based app so you can install this on your child’s laptop or the family computer where the child does their work. Anti-Social is a unique app that will cut off access to all social media sites for a certain period of time that you can set in the settings. If you want your child to focus on homework for an hour you can set the timer. Your child won’t be able to log onto Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites. It’s an effective way to eliminate the temptation to blow off homework and chat with friends.

smart apps

Young Child Working On Homework

Grammar Dragon

Learning proper grammar still matters. In fact, it matters more now than ever before because writing and communicating through text is such an ingrained part of modern life. Grammar Dragon is a game based learning system for small kids that help them learn grammar and sentence structure by using a fun video game setting to get your child’s attention. Grammer is still important whether sending a text or writing an email for work. Make sure your writing is something you are proud of. 


Socratic works in a similar fashion to Photo Math but it works with problems in any subject. It’s a one-stop shop for homework help. Word problems, sentence diagramming, math problems and other types of homework can all be done in Socratic. Your child just snaps a photo of the problem and uploads it then smart apps like this will tell your child how to solve the problem. 

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