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Tech Hacks To Make Bedtime Faster For Your Kids

Bedtime is the time of day that most parents dread, especially during the school year. Trying to get kids to go to bed and get to sleep so that they get the sleep they need for school the next day can feel impossible. Especially early in the school year when kids are used to having a more relaxed bedtime routine. But parents don’t despair. You can teach your kids about technology but these hacks make it even easier.

There are some nifty tech hacks you can use to make bedtime easier, especially if you’re trying to get several children of all different ages to bed all around the same time. I have four kids under 10 and here are some of the great tech hacks my husband and I use to get everyone in bed and quieting down at night:

Amazon Echo Kids Is Worth Its Weight In Gold At Bedtime

No more having to read “just one more book” or no more Spy Apps to the child that absolutely will not settle down. And no more having to pop in and tell the middle schooler to turn their lights out every ten minutes. The Amazon Echo for kids will read your child their favorite stories over and over without getting tired or bored. And it will also turn off the lights automatically when you plug your child’s light into a smart plug.


So when you tell your middle child that the lights go off in fifteen minutes Alexa will make that happen for you. Set a reminder and Alexa will shut off the light in exactly 15 minutes so that you don’t need to go up there and your child has no excuse to get out of bed. I don’t know how we ever got by without the Amazon Echo for kids.

Reflo Smart Cup

Even when my kids were finally old enough to handle a real cup I never wanted to give them an actual cup of water at night. It was way too easy for them to knock the cup over and break it, or spill it all over the floor. But the Reflo Smart Cup is a great alternative to a regular cup for nighttime use. It looks and feels like a regular glass but functions like a sippy cup.

But it doesn’t look like a “baby” cup so my older kids don’t mind using it. It’s shatterproof and spill proof so everyone gets a Reflo cup of water by their bed so that their dad and I don’t spend 30 minutes running back and forth to the bathroom filling water glasses for everyone. They know how to fill their cups and fit the lids themselves and they fill the cups after they brush their teeth. Speaking of teeth….

Sonic Care Kids

 It does a great job cleaning their teeth and the kids love to use it. And because it has a built-in timer they know that they need to brush their teeth until the toothbrush turns off and we don’t have to stand there and time them to make sure they brush their teeth for two minutes.