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Why Should Kids Study History, Let Us Count the Ways

History may be the most boring class you would ever encounter in school. But it is a part of the curriculum for a reason. Unfortunately, as extensive and interesting as it is, many found themselves asking “why should kids study history, at all?” “can the lessons learned in this class be used in real life?” and “how can history help people in their careers?”

Because of the negative vibe that history brings to students in the class, how can teachers help them like this subject and how to teach history without being boring so that kids will pay attention to their lessons?

Let us now count the ways on why history is an important part of a student’s education.

  1. History provides an understanding of life and helps shape a person’s identity. Historical data provides an insight into how families, communities and whole countries came to be, as well as their evolution and how they still remain cohesive despite the changes. It helps establish and confirm family identity, thereby giving an understanding of national values.
  2. It helps a person become a good citizen of his country and a good guest of other places. Stories of success and morality that has a place in history not just helps promote national identity but also gives citizens a reason for commitment to national loyalty. The evidence shown in history gives people a perspective for responsible citizenship. And studying this provides a vital part of a citizen’s knowledge for good public behavior, whether in his own country.
  3. It gives people a good grasp of moral understanding and helps develop it. Situations in the past and stories about individuals and groups provide a good venue for students to test their moral sense and can help give inspiration for those facing difficult situations.
  4. It hones students’ skills. There are a great number of skills that students can develop and hone while studying history. These would include the ability to assess evidence and conflicting interpretations.


Admit it, studying history can be boring. But its importance as discussed above will make students study this subject and gain benefits from it. Teachers only need to find ways to tell their students why history lessons are important and impart it in a unique and fun way.

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